Located at the entrance near the Evatraha my Rest house is built in traditional materials.

His capacitée sunsets is 10: 1 family bungalow with 2 double beds and 3 cabins with a double bed The srictre located in a wooded and floral park, has a large dining and sitting outside in toillettes.

Lighting bungalows and public areas is provided by leed lamps. You can make your meals there, all the utensils being made available


This small structure budjet guarantee a minimum of comfort and calm. It is accessible from Fort Dauphin or by canoe (traditional and / or mobile) by the inner mangrove, or 4x4 per track.

Possibility to rent campsites. Rates bungalows:
-familial: 44,000 Ar (4 pax)
-simple: 22,000 Ar (2 pax) -

For the organization of transfers canoe or 4x4, we cotacter.