My rest house

The COTTAGE OF MY REST, about thirty kilometers north of Fort Dauphin, is the entrance of Evatraha fishermen on the lagoon.

The structure built in dry stone of granite and wood at a capacity of twelve sunsets: two triple bedrooms upstairs, two doubles on the ground floor and two singles with bedding.

While being in the bush, it has a shared toilet, bathroom, fully equipped outdoor kitchen and a lovely gazebo / dining room facing the lagoon.


A tank recovery of rainwater, solar photovoltaic electricity 220v class this structure écogîte and decorate a little holiday

It can be reached either by boat through the inner mangrove or 4x4 by the track in less than 1 hour.

Located near the sea, beautiful rocky coast and the majestic Evatraha Bay LOKARO, in a quiet, pleasant, well écogîte this is called MY REST.

Its location is in the card, from one to several days, with or without food.