Nature tours by south coast (Sens Fort Dauphin / Tuléar)




Day-01 Arrive FORT DAUPHIN

Installation at the hotel
Dinner at Patrice

Day-02 Departure for LAVANONO (360 KMS / 8 hours)
Picnic in the bush
Installation, dinner at the GIGI LAVANONO LODGE

Day-03 Cap Sainte Marie Departure to the southern tip of MADAGASCAR
Lunch, dinner and sleep at GIGI


Day-04 Departure for ITAMPOLO (270 km / 7 hours)
Dinner and overnight at SSE

Day-05 Departure for ANAKAO

Check into your hotel, lunch and dinner

Day-06 Free day in ANAKAO

Day-07 Departure for boat TULEAR (1h 30) by the stunning Bay of Saint Augustine
Installation, lunch and sunset At ALAIN

Day-08 Transfer airport - TULEAR / FORT DAUPHIN