Tour hunting Morondava

MORONDAVA, located in the center of West MADAGASCAR is bordered by the Mozambique Channel.

This very watered region in summer, has a warm and dry climate during the winter Autral if that facilitates travel in the bush on its seasonal trails that are passable from June to October.

This is great because July and August are the best months for hunting there. It's probably for me the most game-rich region of Madagascar to be a hunt decades, my wife being Morondava.

My hunting spots will be distributed mainly on two areas:

- The first located 100km north, two to three days hunting on TSIRIBIHINA boat, knob-billed duck territory but also whistling duck, with picnic and bivouac on the river where meals will be mainly based magrets .

- The second in the South, African savannah dotted with water holes, territory guinea fowl, partridge, sands, but also the bump, the teal, the whistling duck, of Japan fronted Goose and green pigeon in places with evocative names: Paradise, 40 lakes, ect ..