Tour hunting Fort Dauphin

FORT DAUPHIN, located in the southeastern tip of the red island, is a green.

This is surely the most beautiful MADAGASCAR region by its beauty, its authenticity, its diversity and richness.

Bordered by the Indian Ocean, the region receives the trade winds enough rain, so that the floors are generous.

This gives all the ingredients (water, rice, fruits, cassava, sweet potato, etc ...) for the game it pleases.

Densities are maybe not the best hours of MADAGASCAR, but the quality and beauty of hunting spots are largely the difference.

Moreover, it has not 4X4 hours to do the majority of spots located less than an hour from the city.

This region still offer you a beautiful palette of possibilities depending on your requirements.

Snipe (keta keta), green pigeons, francolins (tsotso), guinea fowl (Akanga), whistling (vivi), teal   Bernier (pink beak), teal hottenote (mirror) and Malagasy pigeon will color your game-bags.

The evening of the past are splendid.

For most athletes, the day bushpig with hounds.

My Labradors, will amaze you with his technique on any game.